Saturday, September 28, 2013

My dream at would be one with a more mature face (so she'd look around 14), red(straight, hair (like the color of Ariel' s), hazelish eyes, very light freckles, and light skin. I want her to look like Amelia Pond from Dr.Who. ;) go whovians!

My Dream GOTY and next weeks' topic

Thanks to Toygirl02 for another theme because no one posted on last week's theme!

   My dream AG would be a doll with blond/brown curly ringlets like #44's, brown eyes, fair skin, and Mia's freckles. She would have the Sonali mold.

   I tried to do a Ribbet picture of her, but I couldn't make the skin color lighter.

Our next topic is:


We need to have auditions for a new member and get this collab up and running again.....  so what are your ideas?

Monday, September 23, 2013

This weeks theme

Okay so no one is posting and I thought I should be the one to glue it back since no one is so this weeks theme are girl of the year guesses! So yeah since I'm Monday ( i think) here my guesses

  I think that the girl of the year will  have #55 hair and blue eyes and kits face mold
I don't know why though

I kinda want her to have friends that we can purchase cause that would be cool she's gonna be a ballerina. Her sisters name is Jade. I wish the actual GOTY name was Jade. Hopefully this is just a code name.
What do you think the GOTY will look like?