The Authors

Dally L ☺ is a fairly new blogger who blogs at and has an AGTube channel, LongliveNarniaAG. She loves reading, writing and playing with her dolls.

Azure, or AmericanGirlBookworm, is an avid reader and American Girl fan. Her favorite book series is Percy Jackson.

Jordy has been blogging for a while now and has started (and deleted) multiple blogs. She now posts at She loves to read, write, fangirl, and play with her dolls. Her favorite book series are Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, 13 Secrets, Fablehaven... the list goes on and on. She also loves to draw anime.

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Dollygirl has been blogging since August 11, 2011. She is an 12 year old who blogs at and! She loves to play with her dolls, listen to music, blog, read, and take photos. Just a few of her favorite books are Harry Potter, and American Girl books. She also loves doing crafts!

Toygirl02 has been blogging for a while now. She loves music and American Girl. She posts at