Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm Sorry

I know, I know, I'm not really holding up my end of the deal. :P I posted the topic Monday last time, and I don't have a photo story ready for you. I will share a video, though. It will count as a photostory with 400+ pictures.

A video introducing my new doll..... and that follows with our topic this week!

Please write a little blurb and some pictures of: YOUR NEWEST DOLL PURCHASE. Thanks!

P.S. Courtney and Azure will be gone on vacation (have fun!) and don't need to post if they don't want to, or if they can't.

Friday, June 28, 2013

A helping hand{A photostory}

Hi!! I am going on a vacation soon so this will be my last post for 2 weeks!! I also just heard the news, Mollly's retiring;(
It was the crack of dawn when Caroline woke up.

"I don't feel good!" Carolline exclaimed!

"Do you need anything" Saige asked. "Yes! I would like breakfast in bed!"

"I will be right back!" Said Saige!

"I'm Back! I hope you enjoy!!" said Saige!

"Thank you!! You are the best sister ever!"


Monday, June 24, 2013

Kit and Nellie Eat Out ~ A Photostory!!

Since I have one doll, and using just one can be boring, I figured I'd use a old photostory me and my friend did. You can see it here too:
In case you are wondering, my real name is not Azure. ;)

Kit and Nellie went out to eat.
Mia took Kit's order, but forgot to take Nellie's!
Mia brought Kits order. "You forgot our tea," Kit told their waitress. "And my food!" Nellie stated. "What is wrong with me?" Mia said to half-to-herself.
"What did you order again?" Mia asked. "Alphabet soup," Nellie replied.
"Here you are," Mia said. "Not to keep bugging you," Nellie spoke, "But...our tea!" "Oh! I'll be right back!!" Mia said quickly.
"My spaghetti is cold," Kit complained. "Where is she, anyway?" Nellie asked.
"Alright! Here is your green tea. You wanted green tea, right?" Mia said. "We wanted chamomile! But, we'll take this tea!!!" Both of them said. "Oh!" Mia exclaimed. "I'll be right back!" And Mia came back with chamomile tea.
 "Well, I have to say, this is the first time I've gotten my food before my drink." Nellie said. "I like this restaurant. Let's just make sure we don't get her as a waitress again!" Kit exclaimed.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

My favorite thing about being a blogger.....

Well, we didn't get too big of a response on this topic, but I'm going to share my favorite thing about being a blogger.

I love the feeling of owning something that is just for you, a place where you can share things. Even if I aspire to be like other bloggers and sometimes have a pity party because I'm not "popular enough", I have a unique blog that no one can take away from me. And there are so many kind people out there.... I have a lot more friends on blogger than in real life! :) Thank you for following this blog and for all the support you've given us. It really means a lot.

Thank you!

Next week's topic is going to be......

Monday, June 17, 2013

Strike one for me! :P

Sorry I didn't post with my favorite doll paragraph! I was gone (at the AG Store) and totally spaced out. *Sigh* Anyways, you can read my trip report at my blog! :)

And I think Courtney is back for real this time. Yippee!


What's your favorite thing about blogging? A short description, please.

Plus, I don't think that the "Strike" system will go into action quite yet. :P Too much work.

look who's Back!

Me!!!!!!!!!!! I know I haven't been on for awhile, and I don't have any excuses. I am really sorry that i haven't been on! I missed you guys! Ok then, until next time


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Favorite Doll Brand!!!

Hi everyone! It's Dollygirl! My favorite doll brand is American Girl!!!

My favorite doll brand is: American Girl
Why do you favor this doll brand above the others?
Because they're gorgeous, adorable, high-quality, and you can get historical dolls, just like you dolls, Bitty Babys, and Bitty Twins! There's something for everybody!
Do you own any of these dolls?
Yes! I have Kit and Samantha!

What are the price range of these dolls?
It depends, if you get them off of eBay (like me) then they're around $50-$70 but it depends on the doll! Like if she's retired she'll cost more. You can also get them at for $110 dollars.

Where can you buy them?
American Girl stores,, and eBay.

Would you recommend this brand to others? What age of collector?
DEFINITELY! American Girl is amazingly high quality not to mention absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I'd say that the age really depends on the doll, like if it's Kit, probably 6 and up because she has short hair, but Samantha or Caroline would probably be more like 9 and up because of the long curly hair!

Monday, June 10, 2013

My favorite doll brand!

I know It's not my day to post but most days I'm busy on Sunday (church)! So I figured I'd post now. +I didn't post yesterday so I hope I'm not in!

My favorite doll brand is: Fairyland
Why do you favor this doll brand above the others?
 Because they have awesome articulation and are completely customizable, you can change their wigs, eyes, face, etc...
Do you own any of these dolls?
Yes, My mom ordered me one a week ago but they come from Japan so it might be a month or two before she comes home :)

What are the price range of these dolls?
It depends, if you get a recast it's about $180 if you get a regular one it costs anywhere from $180-800 depending on which one you get! (Sidenote: I'm not spoiled I helped pay for half the doll and I don't get it till my birthday)

Where can you buy them?

Would you recommend this brand to others? What age of collector?
I don't have her yet but they look so awesome I would totally recommend the brand! I would say 13+
 The one I'm getting is the one on the right, she's a littlefee Luna! There are TONS of other dolls too!

My favorite doll brand

  My favorite doll brand is Barbie 
 I really don't know why.
  It just is
Why do you favor this doll brand above the others?
I favor them because sooooo many generations  love Barbie and I really don't know why I just do
Do you own any of these dolls?
Yes I own over 65! 
What are the price range of these dolls?
It really depends you can get some for $10 and if they can sing or from a Barbie movie it's probably around $25-$35 and special ones are $40+
Where can you buy them?
Toys r us,Target,Walmart
Would you recommend this brand to others? What age of collector?
Of course! Probably five I got my first one at three and her hair is so frizzy!

My Favorite Doll Brand is....

....A Life of Faith. As much as I ADORE American Girl, I prefer A Life of Faith a tiny bit. Mostly because I am Christian, but the dolls are actually good quality (I don't have one, but a family friend of ours does), they're historical, they are ADORABLE, and have lots of books (I don't really know how many. :P). Now, you have to note I haven't actually read the books, but I plan too. I don't know why they are my favorite series of dolls if I haven't read it though......?? :) They are actually discontinued, that is why I don't have them,  but I don't know how much they were originally. But you can get them on eBay, etc, for about $150-$400!! So I don't think I'll be getting one anytime soon. I'd say it's for 9+.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Saturday Again?

I know, I'm supposed to be posting on Fridays. But I was late again, and I don't think Courtney is going to post. :( Oh well. Our new pages are up! I posted the info and photos that I was sent, and although I don't have all of them, I think it will suffice. Those of you who did send in your info did a great job.

I have an announcement to make. Starting this week, if you miss more than three of your posts consecutively  (unless you contact me a day in advance with a good reason to miss, not just "I'm busy"), then you will not be able to participate in this blog. I've seen some more commitment, but if you're not willing to post, then I think you should take a break and you might be able to come back later. This is a collab blog, and I think that we should work together as a team, or just disband altogether. So please hold up your end of the deal.

  This week's topic is going to be a bit more involved than the last one. I would like you to write a paragraph about your favorite doll brand. The things I am looking for:

Why do you favor this doll brand above the others?
Do you own any of these dolls?
What are the price range of these dolls?
Where can you buy them?
Would you recommend this brand to others? What age of collector?


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Doll Apple Braid

Last night I took the I decided to post it today after I was I'm quite bored.
Please don't use the pictures without my permission, and be sure to give me full credit for them...if I see them anywhere else I will be forced to watermark.
What you need:
Gold Clay
Green Clay
Doll Knife
Doll Rolling Pin
(I used Play*Dough, and I used the wrong colors because I didn't have the right ones. :P)

I put this cutting plastic on the desk to protect from Play*Dough.

How to make it:
1. Roll the green ''clay'' into balls. Set aside.

2. Roll out the gold ''clay'' with the rolling pin into a rectangle.
(I used a marker because I couldn't find my rolling pin for 'dolls'.)

3. Cut the dough with the knife (I used a paper cutter, again I couldn't find what I needed!!), about 1/3" thick through 1/3 of the dough. 
4. Follow step 3 with the other side.
5. Place some green clay balls on the center 1/3 of the gold dough....ech hem clay. The leftover balls put back into the container.
6. Fold one over, then fold one of the other side over, and so on.

I suppose if you use clay you could bake it, but I am using Play*Dough so I wouldn't know. :P

Here is the finished product.

Recipe!!! (Yes, and Doll Recipe soon!)'s been awhile...anyway I don't see a new theme. I would like to thank Dally for taking over for a bit from Courtney. ~~ Also I would like to NOT thank this thing popping up saying 'You have logged out from another location...'blah blah. If I've logged out why am I logged in here and live? Sure I'll log in again. Now that I got that over with....~~ I am glad to be not so busy. But while I'm here, I'll share this recipe I found on the internet.

From my personal experience, it is DELICIOUS! No it has nothing to do with American Girl, but I am way too bored, and I made three of it today. Here is where I got the recipe, but because I didn't get whipping cream I just used whipped cream (I know it isn't the same,  maybe it isn't even similar, but it worked so..) and sprayed a bunch into the glaze mixture. It came out pretty well. I also didn't peel them. I started doing it but the peeler wasn't working correctly and I was too lazy to do it my hand.

But for the American Girl Part.....I am going to make a 'apple braid' for American Girl made out of ice cream....I mean clay...I was thinking about ice cream sorry....for Kit! As soon as I make it (I'll try doing it Wednesday, because tomorrow I am busy) I will post pictures...and hopefully instructions too. Yeah I just thought of making this when I got on Blogger. :P I never even thought about it when I was baking.

Did I mention I like cooking/baking/anything in the kitchen? Well I do....anyway....Overall, each one took about 45-50 minutes (I mean in real life not the doll ones), but I would be making the filling while cooking the braid and so it only took about 2 hours including set up, which I might add took up a whole lot of time to find space because our kitchen is....well....not clean. My mom says we have to clean it up soon......