The Dolls

Courtney S.

I have 8 Dolls! I have a look alike, Molly, Lanie, Marie-Grace, McKenna, Marisol, Caroline, and Saige!

Dally L. ☺ has 3 dolls, Elizabeth, Marie-Grace and Saige. Her favorite doll is Saige.

Saige is the GOTY 2013 and is Dally's favorite because of her gorgeous curly hair and clear blue eyes. She looks good in anything.

Jordy's favorite doll (as of right now)  is Celeste (what a beautiful name!). She is an AG Caroline doll and Jordy loves her because she got her at the AG Place for her thirteenth birthday with her grandparents. She holds a special memory for Jordy, and she's also drop-dead gorgeous!

Pretty Little Dollies.jpg

Madz. M's favorite doll is Clarie. Clarie is her first doll, and her favorite because she has had Claire the longest.

Dollygirl has 5 dolls, a vintage doll named Crissy, a Cititoy doll named Crystal, a Springfield doll named Abby, an American Girl doll Kit Kitteredge, and an American Girl doll Samantha! Dollygirl's favorite is Kit, because she was her first American Girl doll, but Samantha pretty much ties with Kit!

Azure Yonder's favorite dolls are Caroline Abbott and Kit. She owns Kit and loves trying to style her hair (short hair is tricky!), taking pictures of her, and *coughplayingcough* with her. Kit is adventurous, fun, crazy, and a bookworm.


Toygirl02's favorite doll is Mckenna because she loves  her hair. It's the perfect amount. :) She also loves Mckenna because they are both gymnasts! Mckenna is in level 4, Toygirl02 is in 3.