Thursday, July 4, 2013

Okay, Okay. :)

I know that you guys are probably going to be mad at me for this..... but I had to post early because I am going to be gone Friday and Saturday. PLEASE post about your newest purchase for dolls! I'm going to give you guys another chance to post on this topic, and I'll start.

My gorgeous new doll, #46 Hailee, went on a photoshoot recently!

So have you gotten a special accessory, a new doll, clothes, or anything else? Also, you can tell us if you're GOING to get something very soon!



  1. Hey Dally, the grab box under the button is empty on the side of the blog! Could you fix that so I can put the button on my blog?

  2. Oh my goodness gracious!:P Sorry about that..... since I'm not smart enough to fix it I'll get Britt, the mechanic, to fix it. :)