Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hello World!

Hi peoples! My name is Jordy! I'm thirteen and have two American girl dolls, one H4H doll, one DAC doll, and a Disney Store Ariel doll!

Facts about me-
1. I have a rabbit named Percy
2. I'm obsessed with drawling
3.I'm Christian
4. I have a serious love for frozen yogurt
5. I LOVE sushi

This is my ag doll named Celeste (Caroline)

This is my ag doll named Fey (Rebecca)
My Hearts 4 Hearts girl named Lydia (Lillian)
My Disney Animators Choice doll named Pocci (Pocahontas)
 This is (a bad picture of) my Ariel doll!
And incase you were wondering what I looked like, this is me!