Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Great Doll Finds!!!

Hi everybody! It's Dollygirl!!! So, this week is Doll Craft or Great Doll Finds! So I chose Great Doll Finds!!! My latest (as in today) doll find is Samantha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My grandpa found her on eBay and gave her to me for an early birthday present (my birthday's really soon)!!!!!!! She is SO gorgeous! I'll be posting pictures of her soon on my blog (here), but here's a AG photo of her:

I love her!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I really want to join now! Is their room?

  2. Dollygirl, this is so cool! You must take a photoshoot and show it to us soon!

    Hey, Toygirl, we really need you, actually. :) I'm trying to find the original posting schedule, but this is what I know:
    Madz. M~Wednesday
    Dally~ Friday (But for now I am running this thing so I am on Saturday and occasionally I post on Jordy's day)
    Courtney~ Saturday(actually me)

    So you can do Monday!

    1. Cool add me then to the blog my email is toygirl02@gmail.com! Ill post some edits tomorrow if that's okay? What's the theme? Email me everything I need to know!