Saturday, May 18, 2013

Well, farewell again.

  No, no, I'm not leaving. Well, I'm sort of leaving, but not how you think. Courtney is back, and now I shall resume my position on Fridays. Yes, this is my last post as a dictator, and I hope that you enjoyed my reign.

  My favorite doll, I suppose I should tell you, is Saige. I just went through the extensive process of making my first stopmotion (not loaded into video form yet) with all my dolls and I realized out of all those thousands of photos (I'm exaggerating, if you didn't catch on ;) that the photos of her were my favorite. :)

And the theme (the last one that I will pick) is going to be DIY. Whether you would like to show us how to pierce your doll's ears with a tack or how to make a stopmotion or how to put on washable freckles or something of the sort, I would love to see it.

Thanks for the great experience!

Dally L.


  1. You did a stopmotion? Coool! Are you going to post it on your blog?

  2. I'm just putting the photos together on Movie Maker right now... then I will!