Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Favorite Doll Brand!!!

Hi everyone! It's Dollygirl! My favorite doll brand is American Girl!!!

My favorite doll brand is: American Girl
Why do you favor this doll brand above the others?
Because they're gorgeous, adorable, high-quality, and you can get historical dolls, just like you dolls, Bitty Babys, and Bitty Twins! There's something for everybody!
Do you own any of these dolls?
Yes! I have Kit and Samantha!

What are the price range of these dolls?
It depends, if you get them off of eBay (like me) then they're around $50-$70 but it depends on the doll! Like if she's retired she'll cost more. You can also get them at americangirl.com for $110 dollars.

Where can you buy them?
American Girl stores, americangirl.com, and eBay.

Would you recommend this brand to others? What age of collector?
DEFINITELY! American Girl is amazingly high quality not to mention absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I'd say that the age really depends on the doll, like if it's Kit, probably 6 and up because she has short hair, but Samantha or Caroline would probably be more like 9 and up because of the long curly hair!

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