Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Recipe!!! (Yes, and Doll Recipe soon!)

So...it's been awhile...anyway I don't see a new theme. I would like to thank Dally for taking over for a bit from Courtney. ~~ Also I would like to NOT thank this thing popping up saying 'You have logged out from another location...'blah blah. If I've logged out why am I logged in here and live? Sure I'll log in again. Now that I got that over with....~~ I am glad to be not so busy. But while I'm here, I'll share this recipe I found on the internet.

From my personal experience, it is DELICIOUS! No it has nothing to do with American Girl, but I am way too bored, and I made three of it today. http://www.eatliverun.com/apple-braid/ Here is where I got the recipe, but because I didn't get whipping cream I just used whipped cream (I know it isn't the same,  maybe it isn't even similar, but it worked so..) and sprayed a bunch into the glaze mixture. It came out pretty well. I also didn't peel them. I started doing it but the peeler wasn't working correctly and I was too lazy to do it my hand.

But for the American Girl Part.....I am going to make a 'apple braid' for American Girl made out of ice cream....I mean clay...I was thinking about ice cream sorry....for Kit! As soon as I make it (I'll try doing it Wednesday, because tomorrow I am busy) I will post pictures...and hopefully instructions too. Yeah I just thought of making this when I got on Blogger. :P I never even thought about it when I was baking.

Did I mention I like cooking/baking/anything in the kitchen? Well I do....anyway....Overall, each one took about 45-50 minutes (I mean in real life not the doll ones), but I would be making the filling while cooking the braid and so on....so it only took about 2 hours including set up, which I might add took up a whole lot of time to find space because our kitchen is....well....not clean. My mom says we have to clean it up soon......

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