Friday, June 28, 2013

A helping hand{A photostory}

Hi!! I am going on a vacation soon so this will be my last post for 2 weeks!! I also just heard the news, Mollly's retiring;(
It was the crack of dawn when Caroline woke up.

"I don't feel good!" Carolline exclaimed!

"Do you need anything" Saige asked. "Yes! I would like breakfast in bed!"

"I will be right back!" Said Saige!

"I'm Back! I hope you enjoy!!" said Saige!

"Thank you!! You are the best sister ever!"



  1. What's the theme? I don't think it's fair that I get to know on the day of. So maybe we could know on Saturday instead if Monday

  2. Sorry Toygirl, that would be my fault. :P I try to get it done on Saturday.