Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Doll Apple Braid

Last night I took the pictures....so I decided to post it today after I was busy....now I'm quite bored.
Please don't use the pictures without my permission, and be sure to give me full credit for them...if I see them anywhere else I will be forced to watermark.
What you need:
Gold Clay
Green Clay
Doll Knife
Doll Rolling Pin
(I used Play*Dough, and I used the wrong colors because I didn't have the right ones. :P)

I put this cutting plastic on the desk to protect from Play*Dough.

How to make it:
1. Roll the green ''clay'' into balls. Set aside.

2. Roll out the gold ''clay'' with the rolling pin into a rectangle.
(I used a marker because I couldn't find my rolling pin for 'dolls'.)

3. Cut the dough with the knife (I used a paper cutter, again I couldn't find what I needed!!), about 1/3" thick through 1/3 of the dough. 
4. Follow step 3 with the other side.
5. Place some green clay balls on the center 1/3 of the gold dough....ech hem clay. The leftover balls put back into the container.
6. Fold one over, then fold one of the other side over, and so on.

I suppose if you use clay you could bake it, but I am using Play*Dough so I wouldn't know. :P

Here is the finished product.

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