Saturday, June 22, 2013

My favorite thing about being a blogger.....

Well, we didn't get too big of a response on this topic, but I'm going to share my favorite thing about being a blogger.

I love the feeling of owning something that is just for you, a place where you can share things. Even if I aspire to be like other bloggers and sometimes have a pity party because I'm not "popular enough", I have a unique blog that no one can take away from me. And there are so many kind people out there.... I have a lot more friends on blogger than in real life! :) Thank you for following this blog and for all the support you've given us. It really means a lot.

Thank you!

Next week's topic is going to be......


  1. I didn't know what the weeks theme was...after we did the Doll Brand. :)

  2. GRAH! I just saw this now! Ill try to post is it okay if I skip this one. I have a very good reason for last week. I had to practice my trombone for are concert and this week will try to be done ill try to

  3. The post before this one, I didn't see the last part where it said the latest. I'm so used to getting emails saying it or what it says on the side--that needs to be updated