Monday, June 24, 2013

Kit and Nellie Eat Out ~ A Photostory!!

Since I have one doll, and using just one can be boring, I figured I'd use a old photostory me and my friend did. You can see it here too:
In case you are wondering, my real name is not Azure. ;)

Kit and Nellie went out to eat.
Mia took Kit's order, but forgot to take Nellie's!
Mia brought Kits order. "You forgot our tea," Kit told their waitress. "And my food!" Nellie stated. "What is wrong with me?" Mia said to half-to-herself.
"What did you order again?" Mia asked. "Alphabet soup," Nellie replied.
"Here you are," Mia said. "Not to keep bugging you," Nellie spoke, "But...our tea!" "Oh! I'll be right back!!" Mia said quickly.
"My spaghetti is cold," Kit complained. "Where is she, anyway?" Nellie asked.
"Alright! Here is your green tea. You wanted green tea, right?" Mia said. "We wanted chamomile! But, we'll take this tea!!!" Both of them said. "Oh!" Mia exclaimed. "I'll be right back!" And Mia came back with chamomile tea.
 "Well, I have to say, this is the first time I've gotten my food before my drink." Nellie said. "I like this restaurant. Let's just make sure we don't get her as a waitress again!" Kit exclaimed.

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