Monday, June 10, 2013

My favorite doll brand!

I know It's not my day to post but most days I'm busy on Sunday (church)! So I figured I'd post now. +I didn't post yesterday so I hope I'm not in!

My favorite doll brand is: Fairyland
Why do you favor this doll brand above the others?
 Because they have awesome articulation and are completely customizable, you can change their wigs, eyes, face, etc...
Do you own any of these dolls?
Yes, My mom ordered me one a week ago but they come from Japan so it might be a month or two before she comes home :)

What are the price range of these dolls?
It depends, if you get a recast it's about $180 if you get a regular one it costs anywhere from $180-800 depending on which one you get! (Sidenote: I'm not spoiled I helped pay for half the doll and I don't get it till my birthday)

Where can you buy them?

Would you recommend this brand to others? What age of collector?
I don't have her yet but they look so awesome I would totally recommend the brand! I would say 13+
 The one I'm getting is the one on the right, she's a littlefee Luna! There are TONS of other dolls too!


  1. So unique! I hope you enjoy your new doll. :) Also, feel free to post on any day if you can't do it on Sunday.... I have church then, too! You can post before or after, just sometime that posting week.

    Thanks for all the effort you put into this!